The Zikrullah and Javidukht Khadem Foundation is collaborating with Nerdwear as a way to fundraise and provide support to communities of color affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nerdwear produces intellectually stimulating apparel aimed at spreading a thirst for education through humor. The brand is committing 100% of proceeds through the end of 2020 to supporting communities of color through projects of the Khadem Foundation, NAACP, Equal Justice Initiative, Digital Undivided, Respond to Racism and other non-profits committed to race unity.

A selection of Nerdwear merchandise is included below. Please see for a full catalog or to place an order.

Liberty by Arya B T-Shirt

Zeno’s Startup T-Shirt

Heisenberg T-Shirt

Flat Earth Lunar Eclipse T-Shirt

Horses, Not Zebras T-Shirt

Liberty Designer Hoodie