World Peace Programme

he Khadem Foundation operates the World Peace Programme, a university-level program providing participants with an environment conducive to personal development and the building of community. By attending the World Peace Programme, participants join an international student body which is motivated by the desire to grow and to enhance their participation in processes leading to the transformation of self and society.

With this in mind, the World Peace Programme aims to deepen spiritual awareness, increase understanding of world affairs, and help humanity discover the path to peace. At a typical session session students will study:

  • The spiritual heritage of the human race, including the essential characteristics of the major world religions and principles of an constructive interfaith dialogue.
  • The ways in which urbanization affects our lives and the global environment and how to make our cities environmentally sustainable and healthy places to live. Areas of study include reducing natural disaster risks in cities, strengthening local economies, urban health, and greening urban transportation.
  • A contemplative arts program introduces participants to a variety of meditation techniques that can be of great benefit in achieving inner peace.

The World Peace Programme is a continuance of the World Order Studies Programme, which was offered for nine consecutive summers in Switzerland with great success (1989-1998). It is led by Professors Suheil Bushrui and James Malarkey, with support from a team of volunteers and guest speakers.