Khadem Foundation


The Khadem Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating global prosperity through community facilitation, the use of appropriate technologies and the arts. Believing that no single organization can tackle present day challenges alone, the Foundation facilitates collaboration among organizations to address humanitarian issues related to prosperity and capacity development.

The Foundation coordinates the Harmony Equity Group, a learning community creating open source models for the conscious corporation. It is actively engaged in a number of projects to understand the impact of values in technology design and understand how collaborative approaches and methods can play a significant role in solving complex social, economic and environmental problems.

In 2009, the Foundation received a license from the United States Department of Treasury to operate a program providing humanitarian assistance to suppressed populations, by creating jobs and training in the areas of technology and distance education. From 2002-2006, the Foundation operated the World Peace Programme, a university-level program aiming to increase understanding of world affairs, deepen spiritual awareness, and help discover pathways to peace.

The Foundation was founded in 2002 and received 501(c)3 status in 2004.

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Current Projects:

COVID-19 Relief – The Foundation is promoting educational t-shirts under the brand Nerdwear to collect money for economic relief for communities of color affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

4D Youth – Inspiring talks for aspiring youth. 

Past Projects:

Year of the Nightingale – Sponsorship of award-winning musician Luke Slott, in his production of Year of the Nightingale CD in commemoration of the bi-centennial of the Birth of the Bab. 

Capacity Development Framework – Creation of an open-source, human-centric approach to developing behavioral competencies, orientations and core skills that are essential for the operation of conscious corporations.

Education Support – Volunteer support for the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education, providing higher education for Baha’is in Iran who are systematically persecuted and deprived of educational opportunities.  

The Silver City and the Mountain of God – Support for the creation of a series of cards to enhance the experience of children on pilgrimage.  

National Day of Civic Hacking – Facilitation of civic hacking event in 2014 in collaboration with the Knight Foundation and SecondMuse. 

Project Badasht – Sponsorship for Badasht arts project in Victoria, Canada and subsequent production of Badasht music CDs. 

Media Archiving Project – Digital archiving and preservation of hundreds of talks from the library of Zikrullah and Javidukht Khadem. 

Human Rights Program – The Foundation received a license from the US Office of Foreign Asset Control to engage in humanitarian efforts for the Bahá’í community of Iran in the area of economic development as a response to the longstanding economic strangulation of the Bahá’í community of Iran.

World Peace Programme – A university-level summer program organized under the direction of Professor Suheil Burhsui and hosted at the Townshend International School from 2002-2007. The programme included focused study of the fundamental tenets of the Bahá’í Faith, its history and development, its administration and international institutions, its current affairs and progress, and the solutions it offers to many of the urgent issues facing contemporary society.